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ቪዲዮ ኤዲቲንግ ለጀማሪዎች

Gobeze Training

About This Course

Video editing is part of post-production, or everything that goes on after the actual shooting of the film stops. Other aspects of post-production include sound editing and mixing, computer generated effects, and soundtrack creation. The film editor’s job is to join together the various shots into scenes, and the scenes into a finished movie. They usually work closely with the director to realize his or her vision for the film and to make the efforts of everyone else involved shine.

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Personal Computer(PC) and basic knowledge of computer.

Course Staff

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Michel Eliyas

My name is Michel Elias. I have BA Degree in Journalism and Communication, Certificate from Tom Videography and Photography Institution, Level 2 in Film Making and Different Short term certificates. I have worked in different organizations as a Video Editor and Cameraman. In Catholic TV Ethiopia on EBS TV from 2010 E.C up to now as Journalist, Video Editor and Cameraman, Niteb show on Fana TV as Editor and Edited Documentary, Event and Clip Videos. I have experience of teaching at Tom Videography and Photography Institution for more than one year.